Employee Referral Program


Northwest Montessori House of Children, Inc. encourages employees to refer applicants for all open positions with the Company. Such referrals are a cost- effective recruiting tool. The Referral Bonus Program encourages employees to refer quality applicants for certain designated, open positions and rewards them monetarily when a placement is successful.

  • Eligible positions are these open positions, identified and which are posted at the Northwest Montessori House of Children, Inc., website (www.nwmontessori.net)
  • Overall, the program is aimed at enhancing the company's recruiting capabilities by increasing candidate selection pools, reducing cost-per-hire and boosting employee morale.


  • All Company employees are eligible to participate with the exception of:
    • Executive Officers ( Director and Assistant Director)
    • Individuals who have a direct reporting relationship with the candidate.
  • All candidates must meet the following criteria in order for the employee to be eligible for a referral bonus:
    • Cannot be a company temporary employee
    • Cannot be a relative of a current employee( relatives are defined as spouses, children, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and in-laws)
    • Candidate must fill a position designated on the company website for the Employee Referral Program.