Northwest Montessori House of Children
2009 Annual Fourth of July Celebration

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On June 30, 2009, Ms. Ali's class put on a wonderful performance for their annual Fourth of July Celebration. After working very hard for a month, friends and family gathered proudly to watch them perform such songs as God Bless the USA, the National Anthem, and This Land is Your Land. Not only did they show us how wonderful they could sing, they also showed us just how smart the children at Northwest Montessori are! After naming the presidents in sequential order and answering 50 questions about America, they were able to celebrate what a spectacular job they did with a great big hug from their parents and a celebration gathering with friends and family. It is always a treat to see how hard working and dedicated the teachers and children are with everything they do here at Northwest Montessori!

July 4th Celebration Pictures