June 2017 Newsletter

Northwest Montessori Newsletter

June 2017

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older."
-- Tom Stoppard

Happy Father's Day!

Upcoming June Events:

Summer Fun Days!

Summer’s in full swing here at Northwest Montessori, and we always like to celebrate the season with some extra fun in the sun! We cannot wait for all the exciting activities we have planned for this month. More details about our upcoming 4th of July programs will be sent out soon.

Friday, June 9th - Pajama Day
Friday, June 16th - Yellow Day
Friday, June 30th - Celebrating Summer

June Holidays:

Wednesday, June 14th - Flag Day
Sunday, June 18th - Father's Day

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Why the Montessori Method?

Guidance for the Strong-Willed Child

More traditional schools can sometimes be a difficult place for strong-willed children, who often begin challenging the system when they themselves are not being challenged. Strong-willed children are leaders. They are born that way. Our responsibility, as educators, is to take that raw power and drive and help the child transform it into harnessed energy. The advantage of a Montessori environment is that children have choices, which allows strong-willed children to focus their drive and energy towards accomplishing their desired goals.

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• Please have a seasonally appropriate change of clothes in your child's cubby.
• Tuition is due by the 7th of each month. Payment received after the 7th will incur a $25 late fee and payment received after the 20th will incur an addition $30 late fee.
• Please LABEL everything in your child's cubby. Thank you!
• Please remember to bring a bottle of insect repellent and sunscreen to school labeled with your child's name.