Northwest Montessori Office Newsletter

August 2009

"And so we discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being."
-- Maria Montessori

Happy Birthday Maria Montessori!!

Maria Montessori was born in Italy on August 31, 1870, and was the first woman in Italy to receive a medical degree. A world-renowned physician, educator, philosopher, humanitarian, and pioneer; she is best remembered as the founder of the Montessori Method of education which encourages all children to develop their own skills at a pace they set. She believed that education should not only impart knowledge but also seek to unlock human potential. Her philosophy has been used successfully across cultures and economic classes throughout the world.

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Upcoming Events...

End of Summer Fun Week!


Friday, August 7th -- Face Painting Day
Friday, August 14th -- Pet Day (Bring a Picture)
Friday, August 21st -- Sunglasses Day
Friday, August 28th -- Yellow Day


Monday, August 3rd -- Hat Day
Tuesday, August 4th -- Pajama Day
Wednesday, August 5th -- Yellow Day
Thursday, August 6th -- Sunglasses Day
Friday, August 7th -- Teddy Bear Picnic Lunch


Monday, August 10th -- Hat Day
Tuesday, August 11th -- Sunglasses Day
Wednesday, August 12th -- Crazy Dress Up Day
Thursday, August 13th -- Parachute Day
Friday, August 14th -- Splash Day

Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

On August 4th 1961, Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. This year will mark his 48th birthday. We are very excited to celebrate our new President's birthday this year and the years to come!

How to: Use 15 minutes

Play with your children

Drop the newspaper, internet and cell phone. Younger children are starved for hands-on playtime experts say, so set a timer for 15 minutes and show them some focused playtime. Imaginative and interactive playtime can provide large developmental payoffs for kids, age two to ten. So play like you once and did and build couch forts out of sheets, take a field trip to the backyard, or just make up a fairy tale story to tell them.

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• There will be a tuition increase starting September 1st. The increase is as follows: 18 months to 2 years: Full day $770, Half day $700 and 3 to 6 years: Full day $740, Half Day $680.
• Tuition is due by the 7th of each month. Payment received after the 7th will incur a $25 late fee and payment received after the 20th will incur an addition $30 late fee.
• Please don't park in either of our neighbor's parking lots, specifically 1907 Koenig Lane.
• Please Label everything in your child's cubby, including nap blankets, and show and tell items.
• If there is any change to your email address, please let the front office know.