December 2009 Newsletter

Northwest Montessori Office Newsletter

December 2009

"Wishing you amazing brightness, purity and truth, eternal joy and everlasting love!"
Happy holidays! -- Thomas Otway

This Past November...

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday full of family, friends, and food. We had such a fantastic Thanksgiving feast here at Northwest Montessori last Tuesday. That really started the holidays off on the right foot! The costumes, the decorations, and especially the food all made for a special day for all of us. Ms. Meena and Ms. Malini's class had a real treat last month tasting and smelling different vegetables brought by the children in their classes. Ms. Ali's class had a wonderful time learning the history of Thanksgiving and how to keep germs away! Ms. Joan's class really enjoyed their science experiments, sprouting Indian corn and grass on a pine cone. And, of course, the favorite part of the month for Ms. Denise and Ms. Sunita's class was cutting up their vegetables and making their Thanksgiving soup! We are sad to see November go, but we just have so much to look forward to in December.

Upcoming December Events...

December 11th -- Winter Holiday Program

On Friday, December 11th the school will be closing early so we can all get ready for our big end of the year holiday program! Please pick up your kids between 12:00pm - 1:00pm and come join us at Northwest Hills United Methodist Church at 5:00pm for an evening full of song, snacks, and Santa. The children have all been working so hard and we cannot wait for you to see what they can do. More details about the program will be sent home in the coming weeks.

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Why the Montessori Method?...


We, as educators, try to understand confidence as a force not simply bound by the building of self-esteem but as something greater defined by a conscious awareness of our own powers and abilities. It is one of the primary goals of Montessori education to teach children how to control themselves and control the outcome of their activities again and again, knowing that these successful experiences and the awareness of challenges mastered are what builds confidence.

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Tis the Season...

Happy Winter Solstice
Happy Hanukah
Happy Eid
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Diwali
Happy New Year!!

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The last day of school before the winter holiday will be Fri., December 18th. The school will open again on Monday, January 4th.
• Please have a seasonally appropriate change of clothes in your child's cubby.
• Tuition is due by the 7th of each month. Payment received after the 7th will incur a $25 late fee and payment received after the 20th will incur an addition $30 late fee.