November 2011 Newsletter

Northwest Montessori Office Newsletter

November 2011

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words of thanks giving, but to live by them."
-- John F. Kennedy

This Past October...

October has come and gone, but before we all start getting ready for Thanksgiving, we must remember how fun it was to finally pull out our sweaters, collect leaves, and carve pumpkins. Ms. Ali’s class had a busy month learning all about spiders and pumpkins. Ms. Denise’s class discovered South America and Ms. Sunita’s class had an exciting lesson on the inside parts of our bodies. Ms. Sharika’s class explored animal homes by constructing their own beehive. Ms. Jackie’s class celebrated Christopher Columbus on October 10th, and Ms. Malini’s class has been learning all about colors and shapes. Finally, the highlight of the month was the Halloween Party. All the costumes were really something to see!

Upcoming November Events...

Thanksgiving Lunch - Tuesday, November 22rd

The day before we all break for the Thanksgiving holiday, the teachers of Northwest Montessori will prepare a Thanksgiving feast for all of our students. We will fill our bellies with turkey, corn, mash potatoes and pie, and learn what it means to truly give thanks for all that we have.

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Why the Montessori Method?...


All Montessori life is rooted in choice and the need to teach our children how to make wise choices. The challenge for parents and teachers alike is to allow children to make those choices - and let them live with the consequences and rewards of their actions. Our role as educators is to provide an environment that is safe, accepting, and encouraging where children can discover the confidence to make the right choices on their own.

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• Please check and clean out your children's cubbies regularly.
• Please have a seasonally appropriate change of clothes in your child's cubby.
• On Friday, February 10th, the school will be hosting the annual Valentine's Day Party. Don't forget to wear your pink and red!
• Tuition is due by the 7th of each month. Payment received after the 7th will incur a $25 late fee and payment received after the 20th will incur an addition $30 late fee.