The Staff

Our Executive Director

Ms. Shireen de Silva

Ms. Shireen de Silva holds an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) and has over 35 years of experience working with children. She founded Northwest Montessori in 1984 and has been serving the students and parents of Austin, Texas ever since. NWM is one of the leading Montessori schools in Austin and continues to maintain the highest standards in the industry. The U.S. Small Business Administration has issued an award to Northwest Montessori and Ms. de Silva for running a successful small business. She is the proud mother of two daughters. Her daughter Dr. Teruni D. Lamberg began her teaching career at Northwest Montessori and was inspired to pursue a career in mathematics education. Her younger daughter Shemara Jeyarajah is a talented Fashion Designer in Dallas. Ms. Shireen believes that every child can reach his/her highest potential with calm guidance and a positive environment. In the past 28 years, she has proudly watched many children pass through the doors of Northwest Montessori and continue on to become confident and successful members of their schools, communities, and the world.

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Director -- Misbah Ali
Ms. Misbah Ali holds an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), a Masters degree in education, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and carries more than 20 years of Montessori experience. She moved to Austin in August of 2001 with her husband and two sons. Soon after, she joined the team at Northwest Montessori as a lead classroom teacher. With her hard work, dedication, and leadership abilities she quickly assumed the director's position. Her soft nature, love for children, passion for teaching, and trust in her team has allowed Ms. Ali to nurture the limitless capabilities of her students so they can reach their greatest potential. Her long-standing commitment to the Montessori philosophy and her efforts to encourage learning at each child's pace in a pleasant and familiar environment have earned her the respect and affection of Northwest Montessori's faculty, parents and students.

Assistant Director -- Denise Pastor

Ms. Denise Pastor was born in Chicago and grew up in California and Florida. She attended Florida State and graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Education. She and her husband have lived in Austin for almost 23 years and are the proud parents of four children and two grandchildren. Ms. Denise has been a part of the Northwest Montessori family since 1991 when she began working in the toddler class. She has since become the lead teacher of the 3-4 year old class and the Assistant Director of the school. She delights in working with children and nurturing their enthusiasm for learning.

Financial and Human Resources Director -- Kenneth de Silva

Mr. Kenneth de Silva has been involved with Northwest Montessori alongside his wife Ms. Shireen since its inception in 1984. An Industrial Engineer by profession, he worked abroad for years running the branches of several large British companies. More recently he served as the facilities manager for TxDot, and brings his years of experience and expertise to the management of the school.

Classroom Teachers

Northwest Montessori House of Children, INC.

Northwest Montessori House of Children is very proud of its professional and experienced faculty of certified Montessori teachers and trained classroom teaching assistants. Our teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated educators committed to creating an inviting and warm atmosphere where children can discover their own potential. The community of approximately twenty teachers at Northwest Montessori genuinely cares about the social, emotional, and academic development of each student. We believe that, as educators, it is a teacher's duty to successfully and wholeheartedly nurture the natural curiosity and desire to learn inherent in each child. Continuing education courses, conferences and seminars are critical to the evolving field of education, and as such, each teacher at Northwest Montessori is required to maintain a continuing education plan unique to his or her area of concentration.

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